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Splash Academy is a visual arts and design company in Singapore, specializing in developing and inspiring children and adults through Creative Art. We pride ourselves on our highly differentiated art programmes from the ground up, facilitated by the art director and a group of trained professional teachers. 




Why is Art good for your kids?

Skills/Technique development

  • Improves eye to hand coordination (motor skills)

  • Visualization skills (Predict end product)

  • Precision skills

  • Better awareness and sense of colours

  • Drawing with proportion

  • Art techniques


Character building

  • Creativity (Thinking out of the box)

  • Self-expression

  • Independence

  • Patience

  • Strive for perfection

  • Boosts self-esteem

  • Foster Self-Confidence

  • Active

  • Teamwork / Peer involvement

  • Leadership qualities

  • Self – motivation

  • Self – discipline

  • Cooperation

  • Desire to share and present ideas

  • Increased enjoyment of learning


Academic enhancers

  • Art stimulates both sides of brain.

  • 33% of children are visual learners.

  • Studies show that children who do art read better and do better in math and science.

  • Children need to learn through their senses and art is an excellent way of doing this

Yu Xin

7 years old


6 years old


8 years old


6 years old


6 years old


6 years old


6 years old

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