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Students who have completed the full course of the Art Programme will be presented with the Certificate of Completion by Splash's Art Director.


Courses include:

1. Art Foundation 1

2. Art Foundation 2

3. Splash Junior Artists

4. Splash Advanced Artists

5. Splash Sketching Class

Splash Academy is a company incorporated in 2010 that specializes in providing Design and Visual Arts Training to all ages, young and old. In our courses, we provide a platform where students can explore, experience and develop a creative set of thinking skills and knowledge that will significantly enhance their task-oriented productivity in their schoolwork and everyday life.

Through our curriculum, we seek to develop core right-brain skill sets such as creativity and problem solving that we strongly believe will accelerate a child's development. Our team of dedicated professionals are highly trained and endeavours to provide the highest quality training services. Trained and equipped with the necessary skills, our instructors strives to facilitate and carry out lessons in a fun and expressive environment. We are passionate in our every endeavor and we judge our success through our ability to make a difference in every individual's personal development. We are also well experienced with teaching children with autism, ADHD and other developmental issues. The spectrum of students ranges from pre-school, primary, secondary, junior college and adult training.

Our Vision

To develop and unleash every individual’s potential


Our Mission

Provide quality art programmes to nurture the future generations and make art sociable, accessible and educational for everyone

About US

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